“People have to feel that they are included in a campaign if they are to share it”
– Andreas Englund from DraftFCB

It’s a no brainer really, personalisation of advertising makes it….well, more personal. We’ve already seen brands utilise Facebook Connect, pulling information from personal profiles to add a extra level of engagement to the experience. Campaigns like Fight Club and Orange Friend-O-Meter were very well received, the same applies to mobile with Vodafone YouRockstar, all getting great response rates and lots of sharing.

So it seems entirely fitting that the first time I’d heard of ‘The Hero’ was when a friend forwarded it to me already personalised with my face (above). Click here to view mine.

The campaign is by Radiotjanst, the organisation behind collecting the license fee for TV and radio in Sweden. In an effort to encourage young metropolitans to pay the fee (where only 6 in 10 do so voluntarily) they came up with this ‘thank you’ video praising you the subscriber.

Head on over to http://en.tackfilm.se/ and make your own now.

Although it not the first time something like this has been done, the quality of production is top notch. Would have loved to seen this on mobile too.

It was so successful that the company had to block countries other than Sweden visiting the site because they were hogging bandwidth! However after 5 milllion uniques it is now open to everyone.

BBC are you watching?

Update: It looks like the campaign has ended but you can check out the video below to see what you would have got back: