When I wrote the post about NFC-enabled TVs and Radios to be used with mobile advertising, this is exactly the kind of equipment I had in mind to start making it a reality.

Samsung have started adding Wi-Fi to their LED range of televisions. Not only can you use Twitter and Flickr from the on-screen widgets but you can also watch YouTube (which brings up questions about the future of traditional broadcasting just by itself).

The reason why this is important is because the TV can now send and receive information via the internet.  Add a NFC chip onto the television/remote control it then becomes a portal of unlimited opportunities.

Compare the adverts you sit through on TV to on the internet, I barely notice the ones online but on TV brands have the chance to really grab my attention. My attention is on the screen, I’ve probably got a packet of Pickled Onion Monster Munch in hand (get in), I ain’t moving. Then…wow the new Adidas Predator advert comes on, jeez I sure would like a pair of them, move my phone over the remote and BEEP BEEP > coupons, nearest store, catalogues, competitions, apps, the list could go on. The same applies during programs.

NFC is the technology for the true couch potato.

We’re currently at the very beginning of NFC, the technology will start being seen in a few half-decent phones this year, even Apple might dip their toe in one day according to this patent (that will be when it goes crazy). And just like anything, as time goes on the technology will become cheaper and more common.