Update: It just hit 470,000 and it looks like it’s been pulled by eBay. Booo.

Update: It’s made page 25 of The Metro newspaper – they didn’t get a screenshot of the description either. Boo.

Update: It’s been saved! New link to auction here.

Ooooh this is good. It’s not often you see one of these types of auctions but when they come around it’s a spectacle, this is one of the best by far and it doesn’t seem to have been picked up on any other blogs yet.

Seller beanmasteruk has reached 445,000 views of his sale of one Renault Clio Dynamique in just 5 days.

The advert is so popular because of the description, it basically lays into the stereotypical driver of a Renault Clio with ‘go faster’ stripes which is generally boy racers, drug dealers and those with girlfriends called Sharon dressed in Donnay clothing.

Here’s a snippet:

To complete the proper drug dealer look, a tasteless stripe has been fitted from the front to the rear. Finished in “Air Max” white it really doesn’t complement the car in any shape or form. Rather like you and your Brethren spitting on the floor constantly.

[New link here] Click here to head on over to the auction right now, it’s racking up hundreds of views every second. When I first saw this just 2 days ago it had 41,000 views and now it’s creeping towards half a million plus 263 questions, so many that there is no more space for the seller to reply.

Not only have eBay given this auction the seal of approval by calling the seller telling him they wouldn’t remove it, someone has even taken it upon themselves to set-up a Facebook Fan Page for it, now with over 12,000 25,000 fans!

I bet there will be a few copycat auctions after this, would love to see the seller end up with a few job offers on the back of the auction. Ebay is the new YouTube! Wonder if a few agencies will start looking at eBay for some funky campaign ideas?

Not sure how much the seller was expecting but 13 hours left and it’s at £3,100, I’m going to contact him and see how much he originally wanted for it.

Reminds me of the BMX eBay auction which went viral and got everyone posting ‘Rad to the power of SICK!’ on their Facebook status updates.

Check that out here & here. It was produced as an experiment by a couple of guys seeing if creative marketing could push the price of the auction up.

Great stuff.