This is surely the future of everyday mobile phone charging.

I’ve previously¬†written about the amazingly pointless Powermat which was a good idea that was badly implemented and reeeeally expensive. Wireless power is here to stay and the technology is just beginning to reach mass market consumer products, the trouble is that in the rush to get it out, many companies aren’t thinking practically. However here’s one that is.

In that post I spoke about the emergence of mini-usb as a universal charger for mobiles in the future and that is exactly what this great piece of furniture uses.

Finnish company Powerkiss (great name) has developed the technology which enables charging transmitters placed into furniture to send power to mobile with a micro-usb plugged in. You simply plug in the receiver and you’re good to go.

Powerkiss technology has already been integrated into office furniture by Materla and can be seen and used at the Via Lounge in Helsinki Airport.

Eventually those little receivers will be built into mobiles so you won’t need additional equipment; giving the potential for any object to charge your phone without wires.

[Via Springwise]