Just been flicking through the news I missed last week and saw this little gem.

When The Cove won the Oscar for Best Documentary, one of its producers, Ric O’Barry held up a sign saying “Text DOLPHIN to 44144” which directs people to sign a petition to shut down dolphin slaughter in the Cove.  The petition will be sent to President Obama and the Japanese Ambassador to the U.S., Ichiro Fujisaki.

The cameras cut away a few seconds after the sign was held up (you can watch it here) but even still 32,000 responses came flooding in. Once the news started to spread over Twitter and blogs, it went even higher.

This got me thinking, what if this happened on the biggest stage in the entire world…the World Cup Finals?

Imagine if a player scored a goal and lifted his top up to reveal a SMS call-to-action? Or how about the captain after lifting the World Cup? The response rates would be insane, any worthy cause could get a massive boost.

[Via Awards Daily]