If you live and holiday in Europe you tend to not worry about sharks when splashing about in the sea, but now that I’ve moved to Sydney the chances of me getting eaten have increased considerably making me wary of every bit of seaweed and shadow in the water.

My current method of shark attack prevention is making sure that there are at least 10 or more people in front of me so I don’t land the first bite.

Luckily scientists have come up with a slightly more advanced way to stop people from getting hurt. They’ve tagged over 70 great white sharks with transmitters which trigger any of 18 acoustic seabed receivers.¬†Whenever a shark is close to a beach or shoreline, the receivers fire off an SMS message to life guards within 2 minutes of first detection.

The first trial will take place in Perth, scientists are hoping  the data collected by tracking the sharks will reveal why they come to shore and seasonal habits.

How long before one of those sharks gets its own Twitter account with auto-updates?

[Via PSFK & The Telegraph]