It’s been a bit crazy over the last week, the Twettle concept that me and Ben put together went worldwide (WiredPSFKBBC China, Gizmodo etc) and generated a heap of positive and negative reactions as expected.

In the criticism, many people seemed to have overlooked the potential of a Wi-Fi connected device that can automatically update Twitter (or any social network), there are endless ways to creatively apply those capabilities. And here’s one lovely execution.

Baker Tweet is perfectly described as “a beautiful collision of the social network with good old-fashioned golden bakery goodness”. The device is installed at bakeries, allowing businesses to tell Twitter followers when something hot and fresh has come out of the oven by simply turning the dial and hitting a button.

Bakeries can log into a web interface to change the options available on the dial. This means it can also be extended past baked goods and into real-time stock updates and offers, making it as simple as pressing a button. Very cool.

The idea came from Laura Jordan-Bambach, the Exectutive Creative Director at LBi and was designed by Poke. The first Baker Tweet is currently installed at the Albion Cafe bakery which is across the road from the Poke offices. You can see their Twitter page here.

You might think all this is pointless but it’s right what Laura says “It’s hard for small businesses to differentiate themselves online these days.” Thanks to Baker Tweet, the Albion Café rose to #2 in Google under the keyword search “fresh bread London” and has over 1800 followers on Twitter. Good stuff.