This is a bit old but I think it’s a really interesting (and potentially lucrative) revenue stream for Facebook.

According to the screenshot above, which was quickly removed from the website shortly after appearing, Facebook is partnering with Eventbrite to allow users to collect money from events.

It reads:

Collect money for your event with Eventbrite
Eventbrite is partnering with Facebook to enable you to collect money for your event. Your attendees pay with credit card and Eventbrite collects the money on your behalf and sends you a check when your event is over. We charge a small service fee for every ticket sold. 5.5% + $.99c, which attendees pay, costing you nothing.
Eventbrite has helped event organizers around the world sell over 10 million tickets. We’re excited to help you sell yours and put some delightful cash in your pocket.

So everyone wins, you make your money and a cut goes to Facebook and Eventbrite.

Facebook recently made the change to the events page which allows you to see any public events your friends are attending. It seems they might be edging into that category of ‘what’s going on around me’ rather than just knowing what events you have been invited to. Could this be linked to what they have planned for location?

With over 400 million users, this could pull in some serious cash for Facebook (and users!). It’s fascinating to see them thinking of these benefit-led ideas for monetising parts of their social network.

Facebook also launched the ability to shop directly from the news feed last year.