First the Android car, now this.

Swedish company People Of Lava (awesome name) will be the first manufacturer to sell an internet-connected, Android TV.

The set will be 42-inch HD LED screen and is due to start being tested this summer. Eventually 47 and 55-inch models will become available.

Of course you can expect the usual stuff like YouTube, Email and Google Maps to work out-of-the-box, but People Of Lava will also release their own app store bringing Facebook and Twitter applications into the mix. Can’t wait for notifications to interupt me whilst watching The Wire.

But! Think of the possibilities for mobile here, it will no doubt lead onto things like interactivity between your Android handset and the TV. Featuress like pushing/pulling content related to what you’re viewing, coupons while you watch an advert etc, could all happen.

Here’s what I wrote about the Samsung web-tv and I think it applies here:

Compare the adverts you sit through on TV to on the internet, I barely notice the ones online but on TV brands have the chance to really grab my attention. My attention is on the screen, I’ve probably got a packet of Pickled Onion Monster Munch in hand (get in), I ain’t moving. Then…wow the new Adidas Predator advert comes on, jeez I sure would like a pair of them, move my phone (open app, press button, whatever) to interact and BEEP BEEP > coupons, nearest store, content, catalogues, competitions, apps, the list could go on. The same applies during programs.

In the future we will no doubt see NFC interactivity between TVs and mobile phones like in this concept.

How will this change traditional TV advertising? Well Google would be able to serve banner ads into the interface of course, but did you know they could swap out regular TV adverts for more targeted ads based on your personal profile (male, female, age etc)? This is already possible on mobile TV because of the web-connection, it means less wasted money for advertisers and better ads for consumers.

As consumption habits change so will advertising, it’s amazing to think how far Google are ahead of the game. They launched TV Adwords yeeears ago, foreseeing the day when we buy targeted ad space on TV just like online :

Press release here.

[Via Gadget Lab]