If you’ve been following the mobile & tech news over the last few days you might have noticed loads of reports declaring the iPad as a serious rival to Android and Blackberrys in terms of web usage.

According to a report from NetApplications.com, the iPad has already gained almost as much as the two platforms in just 10 days on the market. The iPad has averaged .03% since April 3rd of all visitors to NetApplication client sites, compared to Blackberry and Android which both had .0.4% for the month of March.

Quantcast has also released figures for North American mobile web consumption showing the iPad counting for 5% of all traffic in its first day.

My question is – WHY THE HELL ARE THEY COMPARING THE IPAD TO MOBILE PHONES? It’s not a bloody phone! What’s the rationale here? When did the iPad get categorised as a mobile?

It will be interesting to see if people start comparing other tablet devices to mobiles once Apple rivals get their ‘Me Too!’ products out there. I can guess the answer though.