There are few things certain in life – death, taxes… and me locking myself out once a month. Finally it seems like technology is about to save me hundreds of pounds in carpenter fees because I seem to prefer drop kicking my front door to travelling across London to get the spare key from my mum.

Phone Halo is an smartphone app and fob which inegrates a speaker, GPS and bluetooth radio to help locate your keys or whatever else you choose to attach it too. When communication with the fob is activated, it will sound an alarm when the phone and the fob exceed a defined proximity from each other.

If the fob goes out of Bluetooth range from the phone, the user can start using the app to track it via Google Maps. ¬†Oh and it can also post to Twitter to let others know that your keys are moving speedily on a bus/train somewhere and you’ll be breaking your back window later that evening.

Phone Halo works on Blackberry and Android. Click here to buy ($60).

[Via Mobile Behaviour]