You know it’s World Cup time when Nike releases it’s traditional superstar-filled advert for the summer tournement. I’ve grown up with these ads and every year without fail I get goosebumps in anticipation for the Big Cup.

Nike gave its Facebook fans first glimpse of the advert before a wider introduction, a great incentive to follow a brand rather than the usual unimaginative newsletter style spam you tend to get from companies on Facebook and Twitter these days.

News of the adverts availability prompted 107,000 fans to sign up to watch the commercial which was released 6 hours ago. You can check out the fan page here.

Fans will be able to edit the spot to create their own Facebook soccer campaign, the best creators will be sent to Nike Academy soccer camp.

They’ve topped the Next Level ads by a mile, Rooney defo gets the best skit out of all the players I reckon. This is going to be b.i.g.

Check out the nod to Facebook ‘Likes’ and YouTube!

Adding this to the 17 greatest football ads!