It has always baffled me why high end computers and laptops don’t come with GPS chips so that they can be tracked if they ever get lost or stolen. The cost of this technology has come down so much that the manufacturer would pay little over £1 per unit, kinda makes you think why this hasn’t become as standard as Bluetooth.

So what solutions do you have to try and recover your iMac or Macbook before some dodgy bloke tries to offload it on Gumtree? Well Hidden could be your first point of call if your computer ever goes missing.

Hidden works in the background when the Mac is switched on with no visible signs that it’s running, it then begins collecting data about the location and network environment of your computer once you log in and change its status to ‘stolen’ on the Hidden website.

The service will then begin looking for your Mac and will show its approximate location on a Google Map using Wi-Fi geolocation. Here’s the cool part, it also takes photos of the person using the computer using the in-built cameras on Macs and screenshots of what they are doing. No doubt the thief will need to feed their Facebook or email addiction at some point, once they log in you’ll have their name and photo – this information can be provided to ISPs and local police to help you get your computer back. Or you can go vigilante, totally up to you.

The service only costs $20 for the lifetime of your Mac. Seeing as the majority of visitors to this site are Mac users, I’ve managed to get a 10% discount code for all y’all, just enter MOBINC20 at checkout – expires May 20th. Click here to check it out.