If you’ve been reading this blog over the past year you’ll remember me ranting on about how there is a genuine business case for restaurants, brands and retailers to take their PDF/email voucher campaigns and make them SMS.

The situation still remains the same, Pizza Express, GBK, La Tasca, Gap and all the other places you know and love STILL make you print vouchers that have NO UNIQUE codes on them. If paper isn’t tracked, why should mobile to start off with? When consumers gradually change their behaviour and begin to use these things THEN look towards EPOS upgrades and improvements, I’m not saying tracking isn’t important, but right now all you need is a single SMS without anything dynamic.

This doesn’t call for some expensive, 3rd party solution, it just needs to be something you can show at point of sale. Unfortunately the industry is littered with people who want to over complicate this by trying to license their technology, stalling any sort of progress with custom solutions that require some impact of the business, whether it’s EPOS configurations or coupon management systems.

Anyway, so it looks like YO! Sushi have taken the first step towards saving some trees and me having to buy ink for my printer – by introducing SMS vouchers instead of paper. JOY!

I’d been waiting for the day when I got my weekly Money Saving Expert email from Martin containing an offer using SMS and today it happened. Good offer too, check it out:

If you text in you’ll get back a unique code which you give to the cashier. YO! Sushi have fancy EPOS terminals so I’m guessing they can accept codes without too much effort? Would be nice to get some clarification on this anyone?

I think the iTagg are the guys behind this, good work!