Pah this idea is so simple and great it makes me jealous.

Agency DDB Stockholm created an interactive billboard game for McDonald’s where menu items bounce and fly all over the screen. If you managed to be quick enough to snap one with you’re phone, then you get it for free at the nearby McDonald’s!

How do they avoid cheating I hear you ask? I don’t know, but it’s still nice.

[Via Adfreak]

  • Dan G

    To a large degree, they don’t care about cheating.
    1) If you don’t win, they’ve had you staring at a McDonalds ad for several minutes. That’s one heck of an impression.

    2) If you win a cup of coffee, you’re likely to buy something else when you go to collect your prize. Coffee is a low marginal cost item — perhaps $0.15 including the cup — so if you buy an Egg McMuffin, they won. (Pies are slightly more expensive, but you get the idea.)

    3) Add 1) and 2) together and you realize the cost/impression is a lot less than most any ad campaign you can think of.

    4) They change the offer daily, so you can’t use the photo the next day. They can further time-limit it (say, “before noon”) but the benefit probably does not outweigh the cost of disappointing people who have shown up to get the prize, especially given 2).

    5) You can send it to your friends. To collect, the friends then need to go to McDonalds. See 2).

    The key to all of this is not to look at price, but rather at cost. While a cup of coffee may be priced at $1, the cost is significantly lower. So, you see it as a $1 prize, but they see it as a $0.15 successful impression (with a lot of others drawn in to buy things because they’ve been staring at a McDonalds ad for 10 minutes).

    • Murat

      Hi Dan,

      I was thinking more along the lines of send the photo to everyone you know. While we might have a cheeky additional purchase of a cheeseburger with our coffee, a whole secondary school might have a different idea.

      (but all very good points and I agree)

  • Mobile marketing


    Two questions about the campaign:

    …if I make the photo with my digital camera… Can I collect the prize?

    And… I think the problem with mobile camera can be that they don’t have a good zoom, so it can be very difficult to chath the photo of the coffe or pie… don’t you think?


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