This is brilliant, wonderful, beautiful news for everyone in London, Transport for London has announced that it’s finally lifting all restrictions on the commercial use of its data.

What this means is that all that information swishing around the TFL servers about tube delays, bus stops,  even riverboat timetables, will be available for others to extract and use how they wish.

The move is great because it harnesses the developer community, several thousand heads are better than one and will encourage innovation and the creation of new applications and services. I’ve got the feeling that some time soon we’re going to see an app that will become a must-have for a Londoner.

So what have TFL opened up? Well they’ve actually gone a lot further than I expected. The datasets include: (you can click the links to find more info on the APIs)

Live traffic cameras (How cool is this?)
Oyster card top-up locations (very very useful)
Live Tube Travel info and departure boards (absolutely vital)

There are plans to include bus stops and schedules too. Check all the info out here.

What are you waiting for? Travel to work in London? Think it’s shit and want to kill everyone in the mornings? How would you make it better with an app? Get cracking, i’ll post my idea on here tomorrow.

[Via Wired]