If you’ve purchased a Nokia handset in the last couple of years you might remember being prompted to join the MyNokia service when you first switch on the phone. The likelyhood is that you didn’t even notice it as you hammered away at the ‘next’ button to fly through the tutorials and other on-screen crap to begin actually using the phone.

The service supplies users with tips, tricks, support and information about their Nokia handset in the form of one or two SMS messages a month.

Here’s the problem, when you switch phones Nokia still send you the SMS messages, with no indication of how to opt-out! I’ve tried replying STOP, OPT OUT etc, none worked as the sender number cannot be replied to.

The last Nokia I had was 12 months ago, I’ve been getting these messages since then. The last two messages from Nokia have been exactly the same too, asking me to download ‘Free Sat Nav’ (picture above).

A quick search on Google shows many others asking the same question “how do I opt-out of this Nokia spam?”. Poor Dave Hall had a torrid time with Nokia customer services trying to stop the things coming through. They even lied to him and tried to say that his operator was sending the things out:

“I called Nokia back. This time I was kept on hold again for around 20 minutes. As soon as the call was answered I demanded to speak to a supervisor. After further time on hold I got to speak to a supervisor. First he tried to tell me it was coming from Optus not Nokia and that I needed to contact them. Next I was told to use the My Nokia menu option, which I explained I didn’t have. Finally he suggested that he could login to the My Nokia website and unsubscribe me – finally I was getting somewhere! Then I was asked for my password, I explained I didn’t have one, “that’s OK sir, you can go to the website and sign up for one”. It was clear after almost another hour lost this was going no where, so I cut my loses.”

Finally a corporate comms manager at Nokia got back to him with several ‘simple’ ways to unsubcribe, even though the FAQ on MyNokia only describes one :

sending “stop” to +6141690697

I’ve just tried this and I got a message saying I am now opted out! Woohoo! Oh, slight problem tho – this number isn’t advertised anywhere and it’s not the number the original SMS messages came from. How are people meant to know this? It’s not even on the MyNokia FAQ, and how much did that SMS to Austrailia just cost me to opt-out?? What’s the UK number?

through My Nokia application in phone

Yeah I sold that on eBay ages ago.

online at www.nokia.com.au/mynokia

Eerr there’s no button there, just registration, do I seriously have to register to opt-out? Yes, you do. GGRRR.

request “unsubscribe” through Australia.mynokia@nokia.com

Oh yeah, of course! Should have known.

Nokia Customer Care (Carline or email support)

You want me to spend my time on the phone to customer care, to opt-out of SMS messages? Seriously? Didn’t work for Dave Hall did it?

This information is presented to consumers in multiple ways:

after signing in via phone, customer receives a welcome message and information on how to opt-out (SMS)

Common sense please, how long do you think the time is between someone buying and selling/upgrading a phone? Why would anyone still have that SMS?

– ~20% of scheduled SMS contain opt-out information (SMS)

Yeah, that’s a fail. Should be 100% for this type of SMS communication especially as people change phones, lose them and return them.

– in every sales pack, there are the T&Cs for MyNokia including all the details of how to opt-out”

The box and instructions I threw away a year ago?

This should be bread and butter stuff for Nokia, these messages need a simple opt-out mechanic plain and simple. The fact MyNokia is on millions of phones and has millions of opt-ins with only 20% of messages including instructions to opt-out is shocking.

There is actually potential for MyNokia to be a good service, but currently it offers little value to Nokia customers in my opinion.