Facebook just announced a tiny little change that could have huge implications to how we use our accounts to communicate with websites and brands.

Publishers who use like buttons across their content can now ‘talk’ to the feeds of all people who liked a specific page. What this basically means is that if you like this blog post for example, I will then be able to publish my next blog post directly to your news feed.

Obviously this could go a bit wrong, you don’t really want your wall to be filled with spam and crap, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

But essentially it makes it a two-way channel, which is great for brands, if you like a pair of jeans, they could then send you a discounted matching t-shirt direct to your feed. Nice.

They’ve also implemented the ability to comment on the ‘liked’ item, turning it into a share button.

The Facebook blog has more information about implementation.

[Via All Facebook & @Webponce]