I’ve been spending quite a fair bit of time on mobile seo over the past year, many brands and businesses don’t seem to realise the importance of this area of search and the implications of serving mobile users a bad experience.

There’s no doubt in my mind that mobile seo will become more important than online. If mobile web browsing is due to overtake desktop by 2015, where do you think people will be starting their browsing from?

It seems a little known fact is that Google has a different search ranking algorithm for mobile devices, they judge websites based upon how they render on the specific model accessing the site.

For example, if your website looks like crap on a Blackberry Bold 9700, filled with errors and incompatible mark-up, eventually you will slip down the page ranking for that specific model. So when other Blackberry Bold 9700 users search Google, you won’t be anywhere to be seen. Meaning neglecting that one phone model could affect the millions of identical handsets around the world searching the mobile web. Interesting hey? Really makes you rethink seo.

The potential impact this will have to a business can be measured in several ways, no more than a competitor getting mobile SEO right and overtaking their rival for higher placement. All the hard work done on online seo could potentially go to waste.

I think this really ties in well with todays news that Google is dominating the mobile search space, according to Pingdom Google is now at 98.29% market share. Globally.

This has actually increased believe it or not, last year Google had 95.58% of the market.

Let’s be honest, this is unlikely to decrease much in the next 2/3 years, especially as Android phones flood the market, using Google as the default browser.

So there should be serious some attention paid to how Google works on mobiles, defo time for everyone to swat up!