Apologies for the long break from blogging, after getting back from Ibiza my PC, blog and anything remotely innovative completely disgusted me.

However this peach from Nike got me excited again.

To mark the launch of the Air Max range in Argentina, Nike got together with Castro Innovation to produce a campaign which takes the ‘air’ part of the footwear to a whole new level.

The Nike Air Show uses a magnetic platform that allows two trainers to float 1.6 inches from the surface on a specially made race track. Each platform is connected live to the internet and users can battle each other by visiting Nikeairshow.com, waiting their turn and blowing into their mics. The platforms receive the commands from the net and push the trainers down the track. First to the line wins.

Absolutely love the creative use of the technology and linking it to the ‘air bubble=lightness’ of the product.

A totally brilliant mix of online and offline, defo one of my favourite campaigns this year, congrats to Castro Innovation!