We’re slowly starting to see advertisers and brands dip their toe into Facebook Places, it wasn’t quite the rush I expected but I guess there needs to be some positive case studies and a better understanding before money gets thrown at it.

As usual, Nike were one of the first to throw caution to the wind and get the ball rolling with a experiential campaign based around their Varsity Destroyer Jacket. Nike tweeted clues to followers urging them to find a burrito truck to receive the jacket PLUS a free burrito. Taking a look at the state of the jacket in the video, I think I would be more excited by the burrito.

In any case they were spot on with the freebie, check it out:

On to the new outdoor campaign designed by Mediacom to promote Cheryl Cole’s new album and concert tour. The call-to-action encourages fans to use Facebook Places to check-in at the billboard for a chance to win two free tickets plus travel and hotel to one of her X-Factor shows.

Once you check in you get taken to her Facebook page (here) and can enter into the comp.

I like the incentive, but what’s with the small font on the billboard telling people about the Facebook check-in? Reminds me of those outdoor ads with a SMS call-to-action the size of a pea, and then the brand asks why it wasn’t successful. Suggestion -BIG FUCK OFF FACEBOOK LOGO + PLACES CTA.


[Via Techcrunch]