I completely missed this one.

In March I wrote a post about my experience in NYC at the amazing pizza place Patzeria. Like many businesses they displayed a sign on the window which said ‘Join our Facebook Fan Page!’

After some seriously good pizza slices I wanted to join their Fan Page there and then, however there was no easy way to do it using mobile.

At the time I thought SMS would be a really good solution for Becoming a Fan/Liking, although there is a cost to the user, it’s a quick and simple way to ‘Like’ when you’re on the move and great for businesses to capture the user before they forget.

Well it turns out that a few weeks later they launched Liking via SMS and supplied a number of small businesses stickers (above) to display on windows and around stores.

The interaction is simple, you just send the vanity URL name to 32665. This immediately adds the businesses/brand/etc to your list of Likes, you can then go on to subscribe to SMS updates from that business too.

What’s interesting here is that Facebook chose to use SMS, whilst Google went with QR codes in a similar strategy.

However where they differ is that the Facebook Like doesn’t just apply to businesses and it can pretty much go on anything – print, digital screens, radio – you name it.

Strangely, I’ve yet to see any brands utilise this or any buzz, not sure if it’s slipped under many people radars but it’s a huge opportunity to do cool stuff.

Facebook has SMS truely integrated into the service,  few weeks ago I signed up for Facebook SMS services just to take a look, and I have to say it’s so well thought out and brilliantly executed.

You can pretty much do all the core things on Facebook via SMS, add friends, reply to comments, send messages etc.

There never seems to be much fuss about Facebook SMS but its definitely one of their greatest achievements considering the complexities of launching it across the globe.

Give it a go, try the example in the image above. They even sign you up to the service via SMS so you don’t have to mess around online to activate!