This is quite a interesting story that I found (amongst dozens of others) on the great blog Popupcity, where a QR code art installation has found a temporary home on a building in Amsterdam – which is due to be demolished next year.

The QR Cloud Project consists of seven artworks such as poems and proverbs written by Dutch writers, poets and scientists. Many famous and creative talents were invited to write a short, inspiring message for curious passers-by.

The codes themselves were printed and placed on the windows of the unused building, with an explanation and call-to-action on the door.

And the point to all this?

“Aim of the project is to introduce citizens to QR technology by making them curious of which personal messages are hidden behind the codes. Furthermore, the project intends to experiment with QR codes as an art form”

Unless you have a really lame phone of course, then no art for you.

We’ve seen hundreds of different uses for QR codes, everything from tombstone eulogies to rugs made of ’em and designer Louis Vuitton markers. This is just another experiment with the little black and white codes that refuse to die.

I like the idea of keeping secrets and mysteries behind the codes, I think that’s one thing that’s always intrigued me. Always wanted to do a ‘follow the white rabbit‘ style of campaign with this sort of thing.

Flickr gallery here.