Sometimes we forget how lucky we are, what with high speed internet connections, 3G for our phones and Wi-Fi all over the place. If you’re like me you probably take watching a YouTube video or flicking through albums on Facebook for granted, even on your phone, expecting it to load within seconds – tearing through megabytes in a matter of minutes.

That’s what makes this 10k Apart project all the more amazing when you see the results, these guys had just 10 kilobytes in file size to produce a web application, the best winning $3000.

To give you some perspective, the Google logo is 8kb in size and the background image on Bing is 70kb.

This is all so relevant for mobile – we’ve known for years that handsets are developing faster than the networks that support them. The so called ‘data tsunami’ will be the result of sharp rise in smartphones and connected devices which make consuming data either through the browser or billions of applications so easy that you don’t think twice about doing it several times a day (along will millions of other users), eventually crumbling the networks.

So 10K Apart gets back to basics, and while we have no concern about downloading 10kb, think about those in developing markets, it is more likely that their phones will have webkit/HTML5 compliant browsers and still be classed as ‘budget’ before the networks get high speed data coverage in rural places. Upgrading the browser software on a phone compared to getting high speed data connections to villages is a breeze. That 10kb starts to seem precious now.

Let’s get to the apps! There are dozens of great ones but here are my favs

Sinuous (to launch the app click here)

Rightfully the winner – addictive, brilliant, 10kb.

Matchuppps (to launch the app click here)

How did he get it looking so good with 10kb??

Fontanero (to launch the app click here)

I like the text part of this

TinyBounce (to launch the app click here)

Just to show that it’s not all about games, utilities can be made with10kb too, shown by this handy notes app

There are looooads more, click here to check them out