I’m pretty fascinated with the story of Zappos, the online shoe store which Amazon paid nearly $1 billion for last year.

The thing is, I had never heard of them before just a few months ago when (funnily enough) Amazon recommeded the book “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose” whilst I was looking for The Facebook Effect.

The description had me straight away which was basically ‘from nothing to $1 billion’. Sold!

Before the purchase by Amazon, Zappos had a very unique culture created by CEO Tony Hsieh, I think Harvard Business describes it best “This company is fanatical about great service – not just satisfying customers, but amazing them”.

You’re probably thinking so what? Every company wants to ‘amaze’ customers, but the more I read about Zappos the more I think they actually do.

Zappos now has 1,600 employees, the challenge for the CEO is trying to keep that many people passionate about working there and keep the culture that got them¬†acquired¬†in the first place. That’s why they’ve come up with ‘The Offer’

The Offer is a $1000 bonus offered to the newest employees…to leave the company. Yep, bribing them to quit.

It’s pretty obvious why, if you’re willing to take the money you’re defo not in it for the long term and it instantly helps them work out what makes you tick. 10% of employees take the money and leave.

Check out the video below, this kinda stuff really is inspired. Reminds me of the MIT video on how to motivate creative thinking,