This has seriously got my creative juices flowing.

Design studio IDEO love to experiment, they do some very inspiring work and this is no exception. Here’s the low down:

The idea here was to find a physical representation of the elements of modern musical life that we’ve come to love (such as playlists and shuffle), but not give up on that retro mixtape, twelve inch vinyl physicality

They’ve created a turntable which reads music tracks off RFID cards (the same technology that’s in London Transport Oyster cards).

Think about the future when mobile phones have NFC, how will we interact with everyday items? Will you be able to walk into a bar and tap your phone onto a jukebox to hear your playlist? Will you be able to download live mixes at clubs by touching your phone on the DJ booth? Will touching be the new Shazam? We are going to start seeing some brilliant stuff when the technology goes mainstream.

[Via PSFK]