A few years ago I was sent this these fantastic and inspiring videos by my old boss and Creative Director Mark Freeman (also a very inspiring dude).

It came into my mind while going through the process of looking at CVs and portfolios for my replacement at MIG and I remembered a couple of really stand out quotes from Nicolas Roope [15.24min]:

“These days I won’t even look at peoples work unless they’ve got a site, you can’t be a 20 year-old person today and not use the web to show your ideas if you’re excited about ideas, it just seems nonsense to me.”

Simon Waterfall’s interview is just as passionate and enthusiastic, I especially like his idea of offering the official weather temperature of the day as a discount (23 degrees = 23% off) in his clothes shop.

My favourite quote from the video:

“If you get a message, a man runs in now in and hands me a piece of paper, he’s got a uniform on. I’m gonna read it. If I get a text message, could be the exact same message..I’m gonna ignore it. How you get messages these days colours the importance, the order and how you react to them. And I think you can use that in your design.”

Highly recommended viewing for all designers and creatives.

[Via Design Weak]