This is my experience last weekend when I was out with some mates and tried to take a few pictures with my Blackberry Bold. All I wanted to do was turn on the Flash but by the time the camera loaded and I got to the options the moment was gone.

Now compare this to the iPhone and you can really see where they are miles apart.

Here we go:

Right so you’re out with your mates and want to take a picture, it’s a bit dark and the flash is off so let’s turn it on

Press the Menu key on the phone and options appears..

Move down and select Options…

The flash is set to off so let’s click it to change..

Then move down and select ‘On’ (zzz) and click again, now press the back button (note: on the Blackberry the back button also is used to confirm, but not consistently throughout the handset – retarded)

Does this prompt really need to be here? Anyway, press save…

WHAT THE FUCK! Why is this prompt here? Are people going to take 50 photos and then get really angry when they see their battery dying and not realise why?


Go into the camera application you can see the flash is off, lets tap it once..

The flash options expand, now press ‘On’..


It’s a little thing but it makes a big difference to how I use the phone, the more pictures I miss then less I take. The same applies to the Blackberry web browser, it’s so bad it’s now changed my behavior, I rarely browse the internet because of how poorly it performs.

And that’s a important point, a handset that makes something a breeze will eventually encourage more of that behaviour which is why iPhone users tend to make up such a high portion of mobile web traffic even though its marketshare is still considered small. Experience is everything.

Blackberry handsets remind me of Nokia’s in so many ways, the clunky/crusty user interface, the unnecessary prompts and so damn slooow. I’m making the call that unless they make a big OS change in the next 18 months they are heading down the same road in terms of consumer sentiment and market share.

Just have to mention that as I was writing this I Googled “Blackberry flash shortcut” to see if there was a quicker way to turn the flash on and there is – press Space bar. However! In the last 2 years I’ve had two Blackberry phones and didn’t know that until today, do most users know that?