After launching Instabam (our mobile web + location experiment using the Instagram API) we received some great feedback, the general consensus was that everyone liked it but it was missing a few features, so we’ve decided to dedicate a bit more time and effort into adding some cool stuff.

Currently no login is required to access the photos on the site which is great, but we are now looking at different levels of personalisation for people with a Instagram account.

This will obviously require the user to login to get those juicy features. I did a quick search for a ‘Facebook Connect’ style Instagram button but because it’s such early days one doesn’t exist so I thought I would create my own and give the PNG and source file away for free.

You can use these buttons for personal and commercial use, all I ask is that you check out on your mobile phone and let me know what you think. Link backs and retweets not required but always appreciated!

Download the Download Free Instagram Sign In Buttons In PNG and PSD (2760)