Me and @fraislocht decided to give Instabam a little update after receiving some positive responses from friends and on Twitter.

One of the problems with the last version is that people in rural areas couldn’t find many pictures within 1000m of their location. We have now added a Jquery slider which increases the distance of the image search up to 5000m.

We’ve also changed the way the pagination to a ‘Load More’ style rather than pages upon pages of photos.

Since the new version went live Instabam is now getting around 300-400 uniques a day, around 70 of those are returning users.

Spurred on by this we have decided to update Instabam with new features each month, here are some things in the pipeline:

  • Ability to follow users and Like photos
  • View all photos from a user
  • Photo sorting options
  • View photo comments
  • Separate online interface (you currently get the mobile site if you view in the browser, although it works the same)

This little project has made me realise how much I love doing small, quick, prototypes and messing around with APIs, just for the fun of it.

[alert-green]So try it for yourself! Point your HTML5 friendly mobile browser to [/alert-green]