Last year I wrote about Hidden, a application which tracks the location of your Mac should it ever get stolen – made by my mate @tobydeh.

One of the best features of Hidden is that it will secretly collect pictures of whoever stole it by accessing the inbuilt webcam on all Macbooks. When the Mac gets access to the internet it sends the photo along with the location information to the owners account.

On March 21st the Hidden user @jmk had his MacBook stolen, after reporting it to the police and getting no where he decided to upload pictures of the thief to a Tumblr account New pictures are posted as he gets them.

Absolutely love this, keen to see how it turns out but now Mashable and a few others have picked it up, this guy is DOOMED.

Crazy stuff, if you’ve got a Mac head over to Hidden now and get your tracking app for just $15 per year.

Congrats Toby!!


The thief has now been arrested!

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