You might remember the last McDonald’s interactive billboard campaign done in exactly the same spot last year. Well this time they’ve taken advantage of the advancement in mobile web (on some phones) to control a game of Pong on the billboard. If you manage to last 30 seconds against the computer, you win free food in the nearest McDonald’s restuarant nom nom nom.

Passers-by visit the URL displayed and begin moving the paddle on the digital screen using the touch controls on the mobile website, so unlike the Toyota times square campaign, no apps are needed.

Although the video says “by combining new technology in a new way, we made it possible to interact with the screen without having to download any application” I noticed everyone in the video has a iPhone. No one using a Blackberry or a dogshit Nokia 5800 to try and play. Probably because they’d be standing there for a long time as it wouldn’t work.

If you want more interactive screens using mobile check out Nike’s work here.

Also take a look at MegaPhone Labs, they do some pretty cool interactions between mobile and screens.

[Via TNW]