I’m only 10 minutes into Life In A Day and I’m already completely blown away.

Produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald, Life In A Day is a cinematic experiment with the aim of documenting a single day on Earth. Thousands of people from around the world recorded and uploaded footage to YouTube.

The resulting 4,500 hours of video from 192 countries was then chopped and packaged into a 90 minute film, free to watch on YouTube.

It’s a extremely moving snapshot into the world we live in and showcases the brilliance of the internet and sites like YouTube (and mobile phones!) to bring something like this together.

TNW sums it up with this:

But the power of the film rests on the power of the Internet and technology to crowdsource so many riveting and simple moments all over the world. The movie was inspirational, emotional, depressing yet uplifting. It was life, in a day.