I’ve been spending a bit of time lately playing around with a new interface for InstaBAM!  Sadly it looks as if we won’t have the time to update the app so rather than let the PSDs sit on my computer gathering dust I’ve decided to let you guys find a use for them.

The ZIP contains 4 PSDs, all files have layers neatly organised into folders. Built for iPhone 5 in Retina.

The icons used are from the excellent free icon set by James Mcdonald and Adam Whitcroft, I highly recommend downloading both.

The font used is Open Sans and is available free from Google Font

The photography is from my Instagram account.

These are completely free, use them as you wish, if you like them, holla at me on Twitter @mutlu82 or leave a comment!

Click here for a full screen preview or scroll down to see each screen.


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