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Designers Making Moves To Disrupt Recruitment Agencies

A couple of years ago I made the decision to switch from full-time employment to working freelance. I’d spent a lot of time hiring freelancers to help deliver projects whilst at agencies (via recruiters) and it seemed like they had all the fun bits of being a designer but none of the crap, so I …


Maybe It’s Our Expectations That Need To Change, Not Ad Agencies

The following post is written by mobile strategist Tim Dunn. Tim and I have worked together in the past and often discuss whether agencies could (or should) make products. Tim follows up the great post by Jules Ehrhardt and is part of a series of articles on the subject. You can follow Tim on Twitter here: …


Will Ad Agencies Ever Make Products Successfully?

The following post is by Jules Ehrhardt, partner of design studio ustwo. It was originally written as a comment on a excellent post by Matt Edgar about agencies building products, republished here raw without edits and with his permission. I thought it was a great follow up to Josie’s post about ‘saving the agency’ and another perspective on the hot topic. You can …


Curation And Incubation: The Evolution Of ‘Saving’ The Agency

The following post is by Josie Brown and quite possibly the first of a series by guest writers. Josie is a good friend of mine and having previously worked at Iris, McCann, RKCR Y&R I thought it would great to see her point of view on the blog as we often find ourselves debating the whole …


Making A Useless Viral –

I’m a big fan of the growing trend of single function (or zero function) useless viral websites, everything from OMFGDOGS (307,000 likes) to Cat-Bounce (456,000 likes) will always get a smile and a retweet out of me. I’ve been meaning to build my own one for quite some time, it wasn’t until I saw The Useless Web …

0 – Our Hackday Winner

Once me and @frasiocht arrived in San Francisco for our month-long tour we didn’t really have a plan of what to do. Luckily the city has plenty to offer tech tourists like us with tons of meetups, talks, events and hackathons happening everyday. After spending our first week eating burritos and going to dive bars, …


The Art Of The iOS Icon

One of the great things about the App Store is that it inspires so much creativity from designers, it seems like there’s great new ideas for interfaces and interactions every week that delights the design community. There’s one sub-section of mobile design that never seems to get enough exposure – App Store icon design. It …


Never stop making – Great Talk From Threadless Founder Jake Nickell

Here’s a really inspiring talk by Jake Nickell, the founder of Threadless and follows on nicely from my last post. Jake explains the importance of creating things and gives some great advice to anyone looking to start their own project. “Making stuff is the most joyful occupation that we ever engage, it’s the closest we …


Just Make Stuff.

Back in November 2010 whilst I was in full-time employment, Apple had just launched iOS 4.2 and I was spending a bit of time reading about all the new features of the latest OS update on Mobilexweb. I stumbled upon one in particular that really got me thinking – the ability for Safari to use …


Spare Time Project! The InstaBAM! iPhone App – Find Instagram Photos Around The World

At the beginning of 2011 the popular photo-sharing network Instagram announced they would be opening up their platform to allow developers to create their own funky applications and tools. I hooked up with expert dev Brendan (@fraislocht) and got right on the case to create a mobile website called InstaBAM (works on desktop too) which uses the …

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