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Maybe It’s Our Expectations That Need To Change, Not Ad Agencies

The following post is written by mobile strategist Tim Dunn. Tim and I have worked together in the past and often discuss whether agencies could (or should) make products. Tim follows up the great post by Jules Ehrhardt and is part of a series of articles on the subject. You can follow Tim on Twitter here: …


Will Ad Agencies Ever Make Products Successfully?

The following post is by Jules Ehrhardt, partner of design studio ustwo. It was originally written as a comment on a excellent post by Matt Edgar about agencies building products, republished here raw without edits and with his permission. I thought it was a great follow up to Josie’s post about ‘saving the agency’ and another perspective on the hot topic. You can …


Curation And Incubation: The Evolution Of ‘Saving’ The Agency

The following post is by Josie Brown and quite possibly the first of a series by guest writers. Josie is a good friend of mine and having previously worked at Iris, McCann, RKCR Y&R I thought it would great to see her point of view on the blog as we often find ourselves debating the whole …