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Seriously Now, Where Are These Mobile Vouchers?

I’ve written about this before, but last week it resulted in me getting less food for my money – which my friends will tell you makes me very angry, so I’m bringing it up again. I was meeting a mate after work for something to eat, the plan was to get onto Money Saving Expert …


Who Owns The Real Life Billboards On Google Street View?

According to reports, Google is developing the technology to enable them to start selling advertising space on real life billboards and posters in Street View. Google registered a new patent which describes how it plans to identify buildings, posters, signs and billboards and give advertisers the ability to replace these images with their own ads. …


Is The New iPhone About To Make Video Calling & Mobile TV Popular?

Update: Confirmed – the new iPhone has a front facing camera! Updated: Wrote this post last year before the iPhone 3GS launch, obviously that version didn’t have video calling or mobile tv as its core features but could that change this year? I was a thinking a bit too far ahead last year but now …


Samsung LED Internet TV | One Step Closer To Mobile Advertising Via NFC?

When I wrote the post about NFC-enabled TVs and Radios to be used with mobile advertising, this is exactly the kind of equipment I had in mind to start making it a reality. Samsung have started adding Wi-Fi to their LED range of televisions. Not only can you use Twitter and Flickr from the on-screen …


The Mobile Inc 'Mobile & Social Networking Predictions For 2010"

After feeling very left out by seeing tons of other blogs post their predictions for 2010, I decided to do my own and why not. Here are some of my thoughts for the next 12 months. Enjoy and discuss. Mobile and Social Networking Predictions for 2010 By Mobile Inc


Why Location Based Coupons/Advertising Won't Work In Its Current Form

No sooner than my post about location about to become interesting for consumers, Techcrunch posted an article about a concept by AT&T for ‘on-the-go’ mobile coupons. Ever since the dawn of time mobile marketers have been using the ‘Starbucks coupon’ example to sell the idea of location based coupons into brands and businesses. I’ve used …

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