I’ve been hard at work with @oh_moore and @pakmee over the last couple of months building a new service for designers called Marvel and I’m proud to announce that it’s just gone into early private beta.

Marvel turns any image including PSD’s, PNG’s and JPEG’s into shareable,
interactive prototypes that you can view on desktop, tablet & mobile devices,
all synced in real-time from your project folders on Dropbox.

Prototypes are created by drawing hotspots over any area of the image you want to turn into a link to another images. Once you’re done you can email or SMS the URL of your prototype and open it on any device with a browser.

Marvel seamlessly updates prototypes on the fly, soon as you save a file in Photoshop, the prototype updates! No need to save out PSDs, PNGs and JPEGs then re-upload. We’re harnessing the power, convenience and scale of Dropbox to provide a superior experience than our competitors at a much lower cost (free!)

Get on the waiting list by signing up at www.marvelapp.com or follow @marvelapp for more updates.